English Fete

 This year we held the first English Fete event at our school. Homerooms competed against each other in friendly English challenges including quizzes, singing contests, relay races and English art projects. Students practiced and prepared for this event during class time and the final event was held on during the afternoon of March 23rd. In a final event, each grade competed as a team in a final Quiz challenge in our 2nd Arena.

 We were very happy to see students motivated to use their English skills in practical and fun situations outside of the classroom. It is important for students to have chances to use their communication and critical thinking skills so they can feel a sense of achievement outside the regular classroom. We are very proud of all the students achievements this year.

 3月23日(木)に本校で初めてのEnglish Feteが開催されました。各クラス対抗でクイズや合唱,リレー競争,アートプロジェクトなどを英語で競い合いました。この日のために授業で練習を重ね,23日午後の本番に臨みました。最終競技は,各学年の代表チームが出場し,第2アリーナでクイズ大会が行われました。